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Digital Adverts Ltd Founding Members Club Kenya!

Founding Members Club Kenya

The first 100,000 members to activate.

Join the exclusive Founding Members Club today!

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What is the Founding Members Club?

Hello Kenya, and welcome on board.
Digital Adverts Ltd is awarding a limited number of our subscribers in Kenya with a Founding membership status.
When you think about it, everyone joining Digital Adverts Ltd in Kenya today is a pioneer. With our vision of covering the globe with at least 1 billion users worldwide, you being one of the first 100,000 activated members in Kenya are a small percentage by comparison, and you therefore belong to our exclusive Founding members club!

How do I join the Club?

1. Absolutely new: Register and activate your account.
2. Registered inactive: Simply activate your account.
It's that simple.
Register & activate
The first 100,000 members with activated accounts in Kenya will constitute our Founding members club. All other members activated after this campaign will be ordinary members. They will still be Digital Adverts Ltd members but will not enjoy the exclusive Founding members club benefits.

When is it starting?

The Rainmaker campaign started on the 17th-March-2022 and will run up to the 3rd-Sept-2022. You better secure your spot today before they run out.

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What are the benefits?

As a founding member, you earn 15% of adverts watched by your team up to 5 levels deep.

Ordinary member

  • All activated members after the first 100,000.
  • Earn only from watching personal adverts.
  • Ordinary account profile.

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