About us

While everyone hates ads, we make them worth viewing

Who we are

Digital Adverts Ltd was founded by a group of advertising executives who after several years of working in the industry, finally had enough.

  • Enough of fake clicks wasting big budgets.
  • Enough of the false promise of programmatic algorithms and their underwhelming results.
  • Enough of cheap impressions being championed over meaningful engagements.

Frustrated with the broken advertising system, the executive director, Mr. Martin Musinguzi, had the insight to by-pass publishers, social media and search engines and simply pay the target customer for their attention. The result has been a truly engaged audience and happy advertisers achieving the performance they had only dreamed of until now.


Digital Adverts Ltd started with a friendship between industry executives and grew to be a successful business that still retains its core values; putting great emphasis on teamwork, transparency, commitment, consistency, quality, and always being ready to support and help both consumers and advertisers. The company was founded in 2021 by advertising executives and professional affiliate marketers with (combined) 20+ years of experience.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to empower advertisers to concentrate more on value adding tasks to benefit their clients, and reward clients for their valuable time and attention.

We envision a world where every advert is delivered directly to the client in a seamless, automated manner, so brands & organization never have to endure cheap impressions being championed over meaningful engagements in their advertising campaigns.

Our leadership

We proudly present our Uganda team.

Digital Adverts Ltd team
Martin Musinguzi
Chief Executive Officer
Digital Adverts Ltd team
Leilah Waliggo Nuulu
Country Director Uganda
Digital Adverts Ltd team
Zion Alex Matimbo
Chief of Trainers
Digital Adverts Ltd team
Namara Keith
Legal contact (W. Muhumuza & Co. Advocates)
Digital Adverts Ltd team
Vanessa Natoolo
Office administrator

Our Kenya team

Digital Adverts Ltd is now in Kenya. We are proud to present our Kenya team.

Digital Adverts Ltd Kenya team
Leonard Odhiambo
Country Director Kenya
Digital Adverts Ltd Kenya team
Sadiq Mohamed
Head of Sales Kenya

Our advertising partners

Based on the fact that we understand how businesses suffer with big advertising proposals and budgets from advertising agencies, we deemed it wise to offer a platform that solves this problem. As at today, we are the most affordable advertising platform in the world compared to the competition by far.

We are actively seeking advertising partnerships with leading brands to advertise with us and use the Digital Adverts Ltd platform to reach more of their customers directly.

Capital chicken
Judiciary Call Center
Victoria University Kampala
Stabex International Ltd
Grami Uganda Ltd
Twinbrooks Sports Academy
Hill Water Ltd
Statewide Security Systems Ltd
The Ebonies
Salva courts hotel
Colline hotel
Grange Masticate

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