Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a media company.
1. Watching adverts 2. Taking surveys 3. Ecommerce 4. Paybills commission 5. Regional district agency 6. Referral commission 7. Digital mall 8. Digital stores
1. Please go to the Activation code section and click the "Create code" link. 2. Enter the number 1 to use your balance purchase 1 code worth 100,000/=. 3. Go to click on the "My codes" link to show that 1 code you've purchased and copy the code. 4. Click the red "Activate" button on your dashboard. 5. Select the "Activation code" option, paste the code there and submit.
Not necessarily. You have the option of referring others to join under your link. You will still earn money but not be able to withdraw or use to pay bills till you activate your account. When you reach 100,000/= you use it to activate your account and withdraw the balance.
You can recover your password using the forgot password link on the login page.
We are a fully registered company with the headquarters and training office at Equatorial mall and offices in districts allover the country. We partner with Equity bank, Umeme, National water and various payments aggregators countrywide, which all have our details for verification. You can trust us because very big companies are already in full partnership with us, and more are coming on board.
Adverts are available for watching on our mobile application available on Google play store.
You earn 3% of the earnings from adverts watched by your team up to the 5th level.
Login to your account and click on the Activate link. Choose either the Activation code or the Mobile money options and follow the instructions to make the activation payment.
Please refer to the person that showed you this opportunity. If you are self referred or you found our website from other online adverts, please register a free account at https://digitaladverts.co/ref/admin
Share your personal referral link on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media to get referrals registered in your network.
You can use earnings from your account balance to pay your utility bills and earn a 3% cashback for every bill paid and with no transaction fees charged to you.
Find your personal referral link in the Marketing section after logging in to your account.
A sponsor is the person who referred you to the Digital Adverts Ltd opportunity. In case you don't have a sponsor, use this link to register https://digitaladverts.co/ref/admin
Digital Adverts Ltd is a media company that pays its subscribers for viewing adverts on their smartphones.
Digital Adverts Ltd's' Digital Mall enables local, small to medium brands as well as larger more established entities to establish their online presence without the complexity and overhead associated with building their own platform from the ground up.
Digital Adverts Ltd has invested a great deal of capital, expertise, and the assurance of a superior customer experience, we enable you to launch your very own online storefront (store) within a few minutes.

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