Zimba (Jenga) champion

Team work Makes the dream work!

Let's build strong teams

Big dreams are powered by strong teams.

That's what the Zimba (Jenga) champion is all about.

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What is the Zimba team campaign?

While you have been celebrating the new year 2023, the team at Digital Adverts Ltd has been preparing an exciting opportunity to refresh your streams of income with us.
The Zimba team campaign is aimed at giving a super boost to your earnings and creating passive streams of income for all our members throughout this new year and the years after.

When is it starting?

Starting on 10th-Jan-2023, the Zimba team campaign will run up to the 20th-May-2023.

Promotion timeframe

How do I qualify?

Choose 5 members from your team and help them sponsor 10 new members each.
Sponsor 5 new members and help them each sponsor 10 before the deadline.
Register & activate
Members who fulfil these requirements will be added to the Zimba team qualifiers and will receive the following benefits;

What are the Zimba team benefits?

Zimba team champions will earn 50% on their first level referral commission, instead of the regular 40%. That is, they will earn Kes 1,600 instead of Kes 1,280 on the first level whenever a new member activates within their organization.
When it comes to the Digital Surveys product, our Zimba champions will be priviledged to earn 5% on 3 levels deep (total 15%) from the digital survey earnings by their team.
You will get awarded a Medal and Certificate of recognition at the end of the campaign.
The above benefits will not only last for the duration of the Zimba team campaign, but will last forever after the campaign.
The Zimba team campaign is very achievable, real and highly profitable so it should not be taken lightly. Below is a comparison between a Zimba team champion and a Regular member.

Regular member

  • Only 40% commission

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