Advertise and Win

with Digital Adverts Ltd!

We are giving back to our loyal advertisers as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary!!!

Your advertising efforts are finally being rewarded!

Get ready for the most exciting giveaway of the year!

Advertise and Win promotion

What is the "Advertise and Win" promotion?

Welcome to the "Advertise and Win" promotion! For the next 2 months, we're giving you the chance to WIN BIG by simply using our advertising services! Here's how it works;

How does it work?

To qualify for the "Advertise and Win" promotion, simply place an advert of your business or service for as low as 10,000 Ugx.
Members who fulfil the above requirements will be given coupons in their account. The more adverts you upload, the more coupons you'll receive for the final draw and the higher your chances of winning big.

When is the promotion starting?

Starting on 4th-Feb-2022, the "Advertise and Win" promotion will run for 2 months up to our second anniversary on 4th-Apr-2022.

Promotion timeframe

So, what are you waiting for?

Get advertising right away, and increase your chances of winning big in the "Advertise and Win" promotion.

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