Digital mall Landlords campaign

Fuuka Landlord and earn Monthly rent from all your Digital mall tenants!!!

What is the Digital mall Landlords campaign?

Now you too can collect monthly rent from digital assets without owning any physical real estate. All you need to do is become a Digital Landlord.

Here's how...

The digital era is here. It has been for a while but now it's getting better much faster than we thought.
We are all familiar with the concept of being a brick-and-motar landlord. Never in Africa have we really successfully and practically applied it to the virtual digital space.
Upto date the term Digital Landlord has referred to something else, but today Digital Adverts Ltd is here giving a new meaning to the term.
On the historical 16th day of July 2022, Digital Adverts Ltd is unveiling its magnificent Digital Mall platform and is giving you a rare opportunity to become a Digital Landlord on this mall platform.

What are the benefits?

All Digital Landlords have a 25% stake in the Digital mall rent collections made by the company as shown here; 13% from direct tenants, 7% from 2nd level tenants and 5% from 3rd level tenants.
Regional agents have an additional benefit of collecting 5% of the total rent collected from every shop in their respective region, for their managerial role in the Digital mall establishment.

How do I become a Digital mall Landlord?

To become a Digital mall Landlord, simply acquire your Digital mall starter inventory pack of 20 activation codes.
Get your starter pack today from the Country director's office or contact your regional agent for more information (Regional agents list).

How long is this promotion running for?

The Digital mall Landlord promotion is running until the 31st December 2022.

NOTE: At the end of this campaign, all new members will be required to pay a monthly rent fee of 100,000 Ugx to use the Digital mall and all our services.

Promotion timeframe

Some statistics

As of 2020, the number of digital buyers in Africa experienced an increase to 281 million. The number of Ecommerce users in the continent is estimated to grow significantly, reaching over 334 million in 2021. By 2025, there couold be roughly 520 million, almost doubling the numbers in 2019.
Exclusively limited to the first 100,000 members to attain the Digital mall Landlord status, grab your spot to become Africa's first ever batch of digital landlords today.

What are you waiting for? Download the Digital Ads app to start earning today